About us

We believe that the fundamental element of pre-school education is not performance but the relationship between the teacher and the child. In our understanding, the teacher and the child are partners. We try to develop children physically, mentally and socially in such a manner that they are unique and independent personalities when starting school.  

As for education, we prefer knowledge based on experience. The main goal of education is an overall development of child´s personality. We lay great emphasis on respecting individual children´s abilities and capacities. That is also the reason why we cooperate with parents very closely and enable them to spend some time with their children also during the day, for example during their lunch break. We believe that close cooperation between the kindergarten and parents is crucial. We try to build foundations of children´s healthy self-confidence, self-assurance but also critical thinking.

In a mixed age group we have a handful of possibilities how to lead children to tolerance, compromises and assertive behaviour when dealing with problems.

As one of few kindergartens we cooperate with Mensa which has trained our teachers in a unique system of education using the NTC method that increases the efficient use of brain capacity at young age.

Our education plan is focused on three main goals:

  • development of children and their ability to learn
  • learning the bases of moral values which our society is built on
  • acquiring personal independence and the ability to express oneself

Special activities of INŠKOLKA:

  • trips and events with parents, birthday parties
  • visiting the ZOO, theatres, concerts, exhibitions, fire station, children´s traffic playground
  • English lessons
  • equipment in accordance with the latest education trends – smart toys, NTC method of education, supporting talented children, Hejny method in pre-mathematical activities
  • night sleeping in the kindergarten (once per month)
  • expert doctors come directly to our kindergarten (dentist, physiotherapist, speech therapist)
  • cooperation with a hair studio – cutting children´s hair directly in the kindergarten once per month

When creating our education plan, we take into consideration the Slovak environment and the binding framework education programme. We offer numerous activities; projects are tailor-made for the children according to their age and gender structure.

Crèches class

We admit children from the age of 18 months. In this way we help parents who need to return to their job earlier. Transition from crèches to the kindergarten is then fluent and takes place in a well-known environment.

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