In our kindergarten we also use elements of the Montessori approach to education which have been provenover time and are still topical.  

We work with children in such a manner that they have the time and possibility to perceive every activity with several senses. We speak with children about every aspect of our work; we let them express their own opinions or ideas, realize connections and explore. We give children feedback, rather than one-word assessments. We do not compete while working. We support individual approach according to particular and current focus of each child and also aim at trying something new. We naturally use Montessori aids.

Montessori approach to education is an alternative educational programme focused on supporting children in developing their knowledge and skills. Children are considered to be good in their nature and adults should support them in their activities. Children perform activities to satisfy themselves and not the teacher. The education process itself should then be free from any unnecessary stress and other expressions which have a negative impact on children´s minds. 

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