About us

We are the first and the only kindergarten in Bratislava which educates children using the unique HEJNY METHOD. Do you know what it is? It is a particularly efficient method the benefits of which have been proven over time. It helps improve the mathematical imagination, understanding of connections and logical thinking. It allows children to discover things by playing, with all their senses and through effortless and playful building of mental mathematic schemes. Naturally, everything is appropriate to the age and individual abilities of each child. The aim of such method is to make sure that children build a positive relation to mathematics, thanks to which maths will not scare them when they come to school. The method has been extremely successful in the Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Poland and Canada. 

In our kindergarten we also use thee NTC education method, which supports the development of brain synapses of children, creating associations and improving memory and logical thinking. The Hejny method and the NTC method are still missing in Slovak kindergartens. Our INŠKÔLKA draws mainly from excellent long-term Czech experience and it brings both the above-mentioned modern and progressive methods to Slovakia and to Bratislava. 

Another important element of our education is children´s yoga.

In cooperation with the Czech Children´s Yoga Association we train our employees to be able to offer funny yoga exercises to children, which teach them to cool down, relax and manage their anger. It is probably needless to speak about the health benefits of yoga – it improves the children´s body posture, supports healthy lifestyle, boosts self-confidence and teaches children to perceive their body and their emotions in a joyful and playful way.  

Our INŠKÔLKA has extended opening hours. It is important for us that you can balance your work and family life so we are here for you and your children from 7 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Our kindergarten has also a 330 m2 large yard with a children´s playground. You as parents as well as your children will certainly appreciate it.


More English lessons – YES but NOT an English-speaking kindergarten

In today´s busy world we want our children to speak a foreign language already in the kindergarten. Yes, we have more English lessons but we prefer to communicate in our mother language. It namely often happens that children who attend English-speaking kindergartens have poor vocabulary in their mother language or they even pronounce words in their mother language with an English accent received in an English-speaking kindergarten. We in  INŠKÔLKA support mainly the children´s mother language and teach English as a foreign language. Naturally, we are aware of the importance of English in the modern world and we offer lessons led by professional lecturers but we do not consider ourselves to be an English-speaking kindergarten. 

Another extra benefit offer is a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs.

Since INŠKOLKA is open year-round and we are only closed during bank holidays, we also help parents of children from state kindergartens which are closed during school holidays.

Your children may spend valuable time in the kindergarten also in the afternoon while they do not need to be transported from club to club. 

Since INŠKÔLKA is open year-round and we are only closed during bank holidays, we also help parents of children from state kindergartens which are closed during school holidays.


Our team

Bc. Michaela Možiešíková, director and executive manager

She started the unique INškôlka project in 2007 in the Czech Republic. Modeled by her mother, who has been working all her life in special kindergartens, she naturally embarked on this journey.

Michaela graduated from the Faculty of Education at the University of Ostrava, Department of Teaching for Kindergartens. After graduating from University, she continued her education in the field of pedagogy and education, to which she also added the study of the unique Hejny method and Yoga for Children. Between 2012 and 2019, she attended training courses: Mensa International – Mensa of the Czech Republic – MENSA NTC Learning I. – III. Yoga with Preschoolers and Yoga for Parents and Children, H – mat o.p.s. – Support of teachers in the teaching of mathematics by Hejny method.

Michaela is not only the director of Inškôlka. At the same time she knows all teaching methods provided by the nursery. She has devoted her life to children’s education and working in kindergartens. She fluently speaks English and Italian.

Mgr. Janatová LýdiaShe studied preschool pedagogy at the Faculty of Education (Charles University in Bratislava). She worked in a private kindergarten with Montessori pedagogy. In her free time she prefers creative activities, tourism and yoga. She speaks English and German.
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